I reached out to Raquel because I wanted to take my journey to another level. I wanted to feel confident in the gym and most importantly confident in myself.

I used to be that girl that used to go straight upstairs in the ladies-only section because I was too insecure to train downstairs. The thought of it used to stress me out. I still got results but I was limiting myself to so much, all because I was in my head. Which I feel a lot of people could relate to.

From the moment I met Raquel and we had our first consultation I knew she was the right coach for me. She is so present, understanding and just REAL. She hears you, your goals, your dreams and will do everything in her power to help you achieve everything that you want. This has been by far the best investment I have made in myself. I am a new person, I am confident, I have fallen in love with myself over and over again.

I think the most important thing when choosing a coach is choosing someone who is going to push you, put you in line and guide you through it all, but someone who actually cares about you, your mental health and physical health. 

Any time someone reaches out to me telling me how amazing I am doing I instantly send them Raquel’s details, because I know how much they can also benefit from this experience. You will never regret investing in yourself. I could not recommend her more. She was made for this.

Rebecca - fall in love with yourself!


Before I started with Raquel I never thought I would be able to loss the weight I wanted to. After 1 week I dropped 2 kg, this was trying a new diet plan more suited to my body and health! After 12 weeks I was able to loss 14kg...! You not only getting a PT trainer , you are also getting a friend someone who has your back no matter what you think, say or do Raquel knows you can do it and achieve that end result 😌. I’m still with Raquel and I can’t wait to see what happens next xxx

Lucy - health is not just number


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- 13cm off her waist
- 10kg weight drop
- major knee valgus correction
- Type 1 diabetic consuming 2000 calories #justcasually and blood glucose drop since we started from 7.6 to a comfortable 7.2
- 100kg deadlift club in the 2 week gym reopening in July 💯
- consistent routine in iso, not always motivated but CONSISTENT and COMMITTED

Her focus is now strength. She works out 4 to 5 days a week, casually eats 2000 cals and has a great social life.

Sarah Chambers


Constantly bloated post seven weeks after her baby to having energy and making better food choices for herself and her life long term!

Emma - post baby weight be gone!


"It’s taking me a lot of courage to share these images of myself BUT I am proud of what I have achieved. The photo on the left was taken 1 year ago: this was a time in my life where all my workouts were cardio-based with MINIMAL if not NO strength training. I was killing myself and restricting my body nutritionally with 8-week challenges in an effort to lose weight and look ‘skinny’ like everyone else, I was extremely unhappy and had a very unhealthy relationship with food and my ‘diet’. Fast forward to NOW. The photo on the right shows me at the SAME weight and as a woman who is proud to be fuelling my body currently with almost 2000 calories a day with NO CARDIO. My workouts now purely consist of me lifting heavy weights and feeling fucking strong. I have never felt more like myself. I feel strong mentally and physically and cannot believe how far I have come."



Her effort is always 100%
She doesn't miss a check-in.
She runs a very in-demand business i.e. she makes time for her personal goals - there are no excuses!

As a diabetic, we have worked hard on improving her health markers - we have significantly dropped the amount of insulin she requires daily and hypos are pretty rare these days. From needing juice to spike her blood glucose back up she now only needs a piece of fruit. That's pretty significant.

5kg difference between these pictures ✌ and look at them shoulders!

Kristy - the silent achiever


5 months of training and eating .. a lot. Up to 3000 calories per day currently since this photo was taken, no cardio, just steps and lifting weights!

Isabella was doing youtube and at home app workouts, now she just lives and breaths the GYM!


Couldn’t recommend training with Raquel enough! Since starting with Raquel I’ve learnt so much about being and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. She’s understood my needs from the start and has pushed me so hard to meet my goals and live a healthier and happier life. I used to dread going to the gym or training but I actually look forward to it now. I never thought I’d be at a level where I’d go to the gym and do anything other than cardio but the variety she’s taught me has made a huge difference in my training program. Consistently checks in to keep you accountable so you know to hold yourself accountable to see results. Best trainer ever!

female weight loss

I can’t recommend Raquel enough, if you are considering PT I suggest reaching out, you won’t regret it. Raquel has focused on all elements of my wellbeing, from targeted exercise programs, to food recommendations and plans, to sleep. It’s not just one aspect of fitness, but all.

The results I have experienced have improved my self-confidence and image, my energy and my physical health.

Yo-yo dieting to sustainability


I have been training with Raquel for 12weeks now. My main goal when starting with Raquel was to improve my deadlifting, squating and overall technique in the gym. What I learnt in those 12 weeks was so much more. Raquel wrote and monitored my meal plan which has helped me to create even better eating habits and food choices then I had before. Through her programming and check ins she has helped me to listen to my body more so I am getting adequate rest and not over training. Raquel has helped me to develop a more positive and healthy approach to my training and eating and which in return has yeilded the results I was after. My squatting, deadlifting and overall technique have improved significantly with Raquel's guidance and expertise and I am very happy that I can now do these without any doubts in my mind. I highly recommend choosing Raquel as a trainer she will not only help you reach your goals in the gym but will also help you to feel better overall as a result of her training approach. X

From 1000 calories a day to 2100 calories per day


Lockdown 'isolation' body, mind and health changes - from better foods, better sleep, and better way of training ALL FROM HOME!



I have been training with Raquel since the start of this year (2019) and all I can say is she’s absolutely changed my life! Not only has she helped me lose weight and become stronger, she’s been able to completely transform my mindset and lifestyle!

If anyone is looking for a PT that is actually in it for the long run with you to push you and help achieve your goals without being restricted, Raquel is definitely your girl! Not to mention she’s the absolute sweetest and most helpful person ever, couldn’t recommend a better PT than her

Anishaa - becoming strength in body and mind


Training with Raquel has been life changing! I’ve spent years with other trainers before and have never experienced such attention to detail and how hands on she is. I’m an online client and Raquel goes above and beyond to tailor a workout plan and meal plan to suit my goals/lifestyle/likes+dislikes etc. She pushes me beyond measure and I have been loving my results! Not only is she an amazing trainer she takes time out of her days to really understand her clients and their goals! If you are looking for a trainer look nowhere else!! xx



“Before training with Cynthia I lacked confidence in myself and I was very self-conscious about my body.

At first, training was one of the most challenging experiences for me. I was sore and couldn’t walk for a good week after my first leg day. I had to make a lot of changes in what I was eating but 8 weeks later it was all worth it.

My experience with Cynthia has been nothing but amazing. I have seen so much change in my body in such a short amount of time. Training with Cynthia gave me a lot of confidence and it is so exciting to work with her. She is very enthusiastic and caring. She puts her clients before herself and she gets so excited about making others achieve their goals. If it wasn’t for Cynthia I wouldn’t be feeling as good as I do today.”

steph trans.png

Raquel is the best PT I've ever met. Her passion for the industry is huge. She's caring and explains things in simple terms. I am finally at my goal weight and now am able to maintain. Her expertise in this field is second to none. She's the only one I trust ❤❤ Love you Raquel

Marisa - proving age is just a number


Training with Raquel is the best decision ever ! my goal was weight loss however Raquel showed me that living a healthy fit lifestyle is more than losing weight. I have high energy than before, I feel better , I move better. From not working out at all and being lazy to love working out is the game changer for me!!

Joanne - do the work to achieve the result


I have tried a few PT and wasn't able to lose weight. Raquel has not only helped me to lose weight but also found a healthier way of living and has made me more confident in myself. Raquel listens to her clients and is great with communication as she works alongside her clients to achieve their goals. I would highly recommend Raquel