Why you can't JUST exercise for fat loss.

I mean, you could...but what would really change long term?

Punishing yourself with cardio?

Disappointed if your muscles aren't sore (DOMS: delayed onset muscle soreness)?

How many times have you eaten a salad and then checked out your abs the next morning?

Disappointing isn't it?

Starving yourself and using muscle soreness as a measurement for improvements is no fun AND when you're not seeing your body change you lose motivation which sets you more!

Life changing fat loss results require both planned and tailored exercise, consistent nutrition and also a winning mindset that is committed to the process. Committing to the process so you can both learn and adapt as a human, not cycle through the same thing year after year.

Exercise and nutrition go hand in hand, focus on them both!

Don't get me wrong results are possible BUT pairing a tailored exercise program and being consistent with your eating plan, enjoying it and making it work for your lifestyle over weeks and months towards your goal is the goal. The reason? Because it's more sustainable. Over many months, your habits change, YOU change.

So you could say, health and your habits are the focus in this way for a period of time. So You don't yo-yo diet.

Maintaining a fat loss result is the magic. Being a bikini competitor I know the difference between being 10% body fat to a healthy woman of 18 - 20% body fat happy and healthy. There's a huge difference. You cannot stay at 10% body fat year round. And some of the fitspos you see on instagram aren't happy or healthy even if they're lean year round. Stay in your lane, focus on yourself.

You can get healthier, happier and long term results when you combine nutrition and training together.

All humans want to stay lean long-term, but the focus should be health first off.

When you get healthy, your mind and body change. It's more sustainable AND you're less likely to rebound and rely on motivation to get somewhere.

Rebounding what you lost and more every time you diet is an absolute disaster for fat cells in your body. Paired with lack of motivation will get you right back to where you started.

Fat loss results include exercise, nutrition and mindset. It's a long term game plan, focusing on improving your health outcomes first.

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