The Oral Contraceptive Pill does not regulate your cycle

By Raquel Ramirez

The Oral Contraceptive Pill (OCP) does not "regulate your cycle".

It does the complete opposite and it's not a replacement of your natural hormones.

Let's dig right into this - when you bleed each month (if you take the sugar pill) it's a FAKE PERIOD.

Now you might be wondering, "how can it be fake? it's blood!"


1. In technical terms, it's considered a "withdrawal bleed" this is because of the drop in hormones that you are no longer taking the progestins found in the pill and switching it up for the sugar pill. This triggers the release of blood.

2. You didn't ovulate. Ovulation, is where the egg is released from the follicles and can become fertilised for pregnancy. You didn't ovulate because the pill suppresses this event, therefore it's not a true period bleed, it's a fake period.

When a young woman first experiences her periods the cycle IS GOING TO BE IRREGULAR. It may be irregular for a few years in fact and this is normal as the body is adjusting to surging and changing hormones.

You might remember how confusing this time was.

And let's talk about it.

A period cycle can last anywhere between 28 to 35 days for some women and this can change depending on lifestyle choices and behaviours such as:

- Exercise intensity and frequency

- Nutritional quality

- Nutritional deficiencies (malnutrition or under-eating)

- Sleep quality

- Stress (worse, chronically elevated stress levels like anxiety or depression)

It's important to understand a period that is anywhere from 45 to 60+ in length is not normal and this is cause for investigation especially if you are a woman who has been having a period for well over 10 years. This cycle length is typical for PCOS.

If you would like to explore this further, I have listed my favourite, leading female health experts below. All of which I continue to learn from and take part in their short courses, seminars, and webinars.

- Dr Lara Briden: The Pill gospel rests on the delusion that hormonal contraception is a substitute for real human hormones. It is not a substitute. The franken-steroid drugs in the pill, patch or implant are not even hormones.

-Dr Lara Briden; youtube video: Pill-bleeds are not periods.

Other leading women in this space

- Holly Sinclair - The Women Series

- Lauren Curtain: Take the time to scroll through

- Jessica Brebner - Fertility Charting

- Dr Jolene Brighten

- Nicole Jardim: search her articles

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