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I recently spoke on why motivation is finite via my very own podcast!

Check it our here

If you prefer to read what I said here it is (although some bits that I elaborated on aren't in here!)

Over the last few weeks I’ve been hearing left, right, front and centre how unmotivated women are to exercise, eat well, OR just simply get outside for a walk!

This is our new normal and if you want to feel better about your day then you have to adjust to it now. So don't wait because motivation is FINITE and it will leave you DISAPPOINTED.

It’s kind of like getting to know a new love interest, relationship or new job, in the beginning; there’s a lot of excitement, it’s fresh and feels good! At some stage, or stages it isn’t always so good and exciting there’s some hurdles...It feels hard and sometimes you think about other options!

The point is no great idea or great venture ever came from giving up as soon as it felt hard. Think about these highly successful entrepreneurs





Imagine they gave up when they're technology, space, book or movie idea was rejected. Not only would we be exploring technology, space we also wouldn't have Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings Trilogy in our lives.

Motivation is muscle, IMO it’s about better habits and routines that you don’t have to rely on motivation.

HAVING A ROUTINE is hard to deviate from BECAUSE routine is what makes you feel good, it’s something you can anchor your day around as it's a lot easier to stay focused and achieve things when the routine is deep embedded.

Sometimes it doesn’t make us feel good and gets boring.

BUT, The boring is what is keeping us accountable to ourselves.

Just know that it doesn’t always have to be fun and exciting just like the new relationship or job.

Things will get hard. Expect life to be challenging at some points. It’s okay!

But don’t get stuck here waiting for something different, you’ve got to pick yourself up and call yourself out on your own laziness or disinterest. How could you perhaps make it interesting? Can someone help you? (listen to the podcast for an at home example)

There’s been so many times in the past where I have held waited to be motivated to do something like losing weight. I self sabotaged myself longer than I care to admit.

Simple tasks that I do everyday that I'm not motivated to do always include training and preparing my food BUT I do it because it's a healthy habit to have, and I also do enjoy it even though sometimes in the moment it sucks.

  • Training

I don’t enjoy training all the time BUT I do small tasks that help me get there like:

  • I get dressed

  • I do my mobility and activation

  • I put awesome music on

  • Somehow I end up halfway through my workout pumped!

  • Preparing my meals

I don’t like to make elaborate meals all the times

  • I don’t care for too much creativity with food in the kitchen especially during the week

  • I’m an efficiency eater and prefer to make more elaborate meals on the weekend to save time for training, learning, coaching, working.


Simple tasks are not always motivating BUT at the heart they keep me healthy.

Motivation is a lie, it’s not about being motivated, I don’t even like this word to be honest.

Something important is the BE+DO = HAVE model

Place your own adjectives to describe the person you want to BE or person you want to IDENTIFY as.

For example: I identify as a confident, strong, proactive, fit person and my habits and routine are in sync with this.

What DO I do that aligns with this person?

I train 5 times a week

I eat healthy meals that have proteins, fats and carbs in each meal

I make my bed every morning

I drink 3L of water a day

I do 10,000k steps a day

I sleep 8 hours every night

This is important when working towards your goal in order to HAVE the result of HEALTHY PERSON.

Because this person that already IS will DO the things are get your result or pertain to embodying a person who has a 7 figure business, or has a healthy relationship.

Beliefs and behaviours are connected to this idea of 'motivation'

Let’s look at a smoker who wants to stop smoking

We all know smoking is bad, we also know it’s not healthy for our bodies. Yet people still do it why?

Sometimes we don’t believe in ourselves so the behaviours mimic this and this is when you lose your energy and passion to do the tasks that are important to you and your BEING.

A good example is when someone tells you they are dieting and then you go out with them to eat and all of a sudden they throw in the towel and will start again next Monday... anybody know someone like this? maybe you're doing this?

  • Not only is this self sabotage but it’s also the belief and behaviour aren't connected

  • There’s something missing which I would say you could go back to that exercise of the I identify as a person who is __, ___, ___, (strong, loving, confident, care-free, patient, attentive) that does. (Listen to podcast for a deeper understanding of this).

Some days it’s not about the RESULT some days it’s just about reinforcing the person you want to be .

I have some questions for you:

In five years time, who do you want to be?

Is there something stopping you from being this person today?

If so, what?

Can you seek help, assistance, or change something today that will get you closer to this person today?

Think about yourself.

Be selfish.

If you WANT more from yourself as you currently know it go and find resources / a way to achieve X. Whether it’s about feeling incredible naked, performance goals, going to university, getting creative with art, fashion, design, or technology, even your sexuality.

The only way is forward.

Time waits for no-one.

If you feel you can connect to this in some way reach out



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