As your body changes so should your wardrobe.

To the strong, bad-ass, weight lifting ladies out there, as your body changes so should your wardrobe.

Holding onto items as if “I’ll fit into it someday” and PUNISHING yourself for what you don’t look like anymore is creating more self-sabotage, more food relationship problems/phobias too. Honestly, in the past I would buy sizes that “I will fit into eventually” LIKE WHAT FUCKING TWISTED SHIT IS THIS?

Your body is changing, you need to adapt with your gains ladies.

There’s nothing more empowering for a woman than to love herself. I can attest to this.

The goal is not another weight loss program, it’s not more intensity or a more calorie restriction. It’s knowing your goal is to be stronger and fitter and with that comes a strong-looking physique.

We can appreciate the consensus that you’re not going to look like a man with weight training but your physique is going to look different with weight training.

Jeans won’t fit properly, you need to size up cute tops and jackets to fit your back, it’s just a fact.

  • Your back will get wider

  • Your thighs will get thicker

  • Your ass will get rounder.

These are your achievements that you are overlooking as 'not worthy' because of a flimsy piece of material that you no longer fit into.

Your effort in the gym IS actually paying off.

You have to see past the skinny, model look that we’ve been sold for generations. You are now a strong BISH, welcome to the club 💪👑 Level-up sis; in mind and body

You don’t need to cry at the pile of clothes that don’t fit, give them away

Stop looking at the scales in shame, your weight will fluctuate

You need to eat for performance and health

Lifting weights is not a get skinny game

It’s no longer getting flustered and annoyed that “I have nothing to wear, I’m not going”, it’s, I put in the hard work, I’m proud of myself, I’m doing this for me and embracing myself and my changes.


If you don’t want to buy new clothes, you could alter them, or you could swap/trade with friends/FB groups, you could sell your old ones and make some cash for new fits.

Be resourceful ladies ✌

You are a queen, embrace your body after all #thickthighssavelives

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