5 ways you can take care of your mental health right now

It’s a hard time right now for all of us. Our mental health has taking a hit and the reports on suicide rates are shocking. If you need help please reach out.

I wrote this article not only to keep me sane, but hopefully it guides you on how to be proactive and productive right now. If you can take care of your mental health it can reduce the stress you may be feeling. Also, if someone you know could use this don’t hesitate to share this with them immediately. Care for you and care for others too.

What does taking care of your mental health mean? Well it certainly doesn’t mean doing yoga and meditation for all. However, there is extensive research on the benefits of meditation. If you want to find out more about this, I would recommend Full Catastrophe Living by John Kabat-Zinn. This is one of my favourite books in regards to the mind, life and meditation.


How to fill the void for in-person social interaction? We are socially isolated. We cannot have physical interactions like we once could, however we have an incredible tool… Social media and this is both a useful and powerful tool to use right now. These everyday interactions with people you miss is an opportunity now to strengthen an emotional bond. How could you learn to deepen a conversation when the person isn’t next to you? These interactions have even more meaning to them because of the trauma we all face.


WFH (working from home) making you feel less productive? This is going to force you to really learn how to have peace within the storm. There’s many ways to do this, create a schedule, paper scheduler or even google calendar is great to use. You can set a timer for work time, and go for walks every two hours. Turn your phone data off or put it on aeroplane mode for the duration of your work time.

If your work requires internet use my best suggestion is work at a desk. Being at a desk mimics what you would do at work. Not on your bed or on a coach. Simulate the same environment. Keep a set a time limit and be away from people who will distract you. or at least let them know you are ‘working’. Also, it’s okay if the work you produce is not the greatest work you have ever done. Given the circumstances, it’s okay to produce what you are capable of right now.


What are some hobbies you can develop during this time besides TV?

  • Painting

  • Drawing

  • Reading

  • Writing

  • Exercise

  • Try yoga or meditate

  • Learn how to dance

  • Learn how to do sign language

  • Learn how to speak another language

  • Learn how to bake

  • Make a tik-tok

  • Create an online course or podcast

  • Upskill via an online course

  • Re-design/organise your bedroom (or all rooms if you can)

  • Put up things for sale on the internet

  • Get in the garden

SO. MANY. THINGS. Ultimately you are going to have to be happy within. The best way to do this is to learn about meditation.


How to deal with loneliness? Part-take on the hobbies above! Or I would highly recommend to seek interaction with your friends or family via video chats daily. Watch a funny TV show, bake or even exercise at home together, it doesn’t have to be long. Seek humour and fun.

In addition, you could adopt a pet (given it’s viable long-term). Pets are great for companionship and since we are home a lot more than usual it’s a good time to teach them plenty of house-keeping things, tricks and just give your love too. Or, you can give yourself a self-hug, wrap your arms around your shoulders and tuck your head into your arms. It’s really nice.


Feeling disordered eating behaviours coming back? The uncertainty brings about emotions of powerlessness and anxiety. Seek professional help, asap. Waiting will take longer to recover. There’s lots of different organisations and professional help you can seek out during this time.

You are not stupid, and your questions are not stupid. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is own your vulnerability, own you need help. Once you can ask for help, the only way is up.


Here’s something funny you can watch as-well. Nothing beats a good laugh. And hey, you can pretty much youtube anything funny on the internet and it’ll be there!

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