4 things I would do different if I was to compete again

I had an incredibly successful prep, placing every time with 2 first places...! I don't regret anything but thinking about competing I always think of these few things so I thought I would share them if anyone was curious.

1. Follow the post-comp meal plan

It's really hard. You will never understand unless you were to compete yourself. It's hard to say no to foods you've wanted after so long of dieting. If I would go back in time I would stick to the post comp meal plan.

I craved fast food everyday for months and it took every bit of will power to reject those impulses as I knew that if I started it would've only got worse. Although I didn't eat the fast food I was deep into PB jars and lots of sweets I was making from home.

I know that this is really hard to do for most competitors and I realise the self-control required to not binge on everything is testing. However, nothing is impossible.

2. Don't have 3 jobs, uni and decide to compete

I was so busy I couldn't keep up with myself, which is why I think the process was even harder for me, because I had to give a lot of energy to things that I had none for. I was not only working for multiple work places in the fitness industry trying to stay afloat (so grateful I don't have to put myself through that anymore), finish my Diploma of nutrition and My Bachelors Degree in Public Health. I was constantly THINKING and having to show up for things that my brain and body was in no condition to.

If you decide to compete, it's selfish - and rightly so. It deserves your full attention. Depending on what division you are suited for and what you want to compete in, you could be in the gym for a total of 3 hours a day...

3. Not be such a downer!

I was SO down the a lot of the time, nothing really amused me, jokes weren't funny, work was hard to keep giving energy out. People would say you look 'amazing' and inside I would be thinking 'you have no idea how hard this is'.

I think it had something to do with the above (never having time to do anything but GO GO GO). But in retrospect I think I would say, 'enjoy it!'. It's not an easy process but it's a very rare experience to go through.

4. Be in PREP MODE during warmer months

I HATE THE COLD, I love being inside and sleeping in but if I was to prep again, spring and summer you are my months to be doing it in. Trying to fit 16k steps in on cold winter days really tested my patience some days.

The low body fat I was sitting at, had me shivering and sleeping with LAYERS to keep warm.

Some of you might be thinking that's the worst time to do a prep with the increase of social events?! OH I completely agree that it would be hard, BUT I know myself. When there's a goal to achieve, nothing will get in my way. I'll hate it, but I can do it.


It feels like yesterday, I can't explain it. I think about competing again and it excites me so much, but it also scares me shit less. I have changed so much since then, and I know it would be different IF I chose to do it again.

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