3 ways to have a trusting relationship with food

Updated: May 6, 2020

Why don’t you trust your body?

Imagine your life when you’re no longer starving yourself or waiting till your significant other is not watching for you to grab the bag of chips.

Often my ladies once working with me find how much food they get to eat, get results and feel less ‘stuck to food’. In fact, they are able to eat more, have a cookie if they want and get better results than when they were starving themselves is so damn important! If you rely on the poorly calculated calories and macros on ‘My Fitness Pal’ and not seeing any changes STOP and REACH OUT for help.

If you feel like food guilt, bloating, hormonal problems and mood swings is just part of being ‘a woman’ you’re living a lie. Your body can tell you a lot about what it likes / dislikes, and why it is feeling that way – a bit of guidance goes a long way.

Below are my 3 STRATEGIES TO THRIVING WITH FOOD and you bet they’re good. The point of this is that you actually implement them. Make it a promise to yourself TODAY, NOW. Don’t just wait for 2020 to ‘start’, make CHANGES now, because NY resolutions are for the people who fall off track every year and end the year exactly the same.

Don’t be that person again.

  1. NO COUNTING DAY: If you count calories – have a no counting day where you can connect with your body. You might find this really scary, or hard to do but it’s important to allow yourself mental space from an app as-well as TRUST YOUR BODY and YOUR CHOICES.

  2. CONNECT WITH YOUR BODY: Get a physical note book / journal that you carry with you and write in it before you eat for at least 2 meals of your day. Ask yourself and note down in your note book. What do I feel (mentally) l right now? How hungry am I right now (out of 10 perhaps)? and describe this. How does my body (physical) feel right now?

  3. THROW THE SCALE AWAY: Your weight is going to fluctuate everyday. Water, sleep, stress, food, exercise, periods yes – it’s all going to change everyday. If you want to live life and not like a robot this is one thing that you must do ASAP. Get to know your body and trust what your body feels. Get to an 80% full rather than 110% full and bloated. Learn what bloated versus ‘body digesting’ means to your body. If you can eat one cookie and not the entire tray that’s better than what any scale will provide you with.

If you have any other tips leave a comment below.

I hope these helped and if there’s any other tips or questions you may have, leave a comment below!

Much love,


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