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Women's Transformation Coach

Building the body you've always wanted

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Packages and services include

Tailored one on one training program and nutrition plan

Continuous measurements and adjustments (accountability!)

Female health education

Access to my network of specialists; myotherapists, physiotherapist and naturopaths


Unlock your complete potential

Ladies - lifting weights makes you sexy!

Weight training unleashes true power for women. It builds confidence, routine, resilience, it teaches you that anything is possible when you commit and try!  RAQUELFITPT is about lifelong longevity and continual personal development and that's what lifting weights do too!

We live longer, have better relationships with others, ourselves, and experience a better quality of life just from lifting weights.


No competition, just you

Personalised one on one training program and nutrition plan

Weekly check-in sheet and calls

Female health education

Coach will be there with you at your photoshoot

Training for all fitness levels
Training for all fitness levels

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Hitting a PB!
Hitting a PB!

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Supporting my ladies
Supporting my ladies

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Unknown -

"You don't have to be extreme, just consistent"


Client Testimonials

Real Experiences, Real Results

Lucy transformation

Before I started with Raquel I never thought I would be able to lose the weight I wanted to. I struggle with a medical condition that causes my body to gain weight. After 12 weeks I was able to lose 14kg. It’s not only working out and eat great that Raquel helped me with along my journey but also my mindset. Having a clear mind and a clear goal allows us to grow and achieve success. You not only getting a PT trainer , but you are also getting a friend, someone who has your back no matter what you think, say or do Raquel knows you can do it and achieve that end result 😌. I’m still with Raquel and I can’t wait to see what happens next xxx



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